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Yoga for High B.P.

Yoga for Hypertension Treatment / Heart Diseases

Mostly Hypertension happens due to stress& imbalance life style. Yoga incorporate the natural living & tension free life. Yoga, pranayama, meditation & relaxation control the heart rate. NYA’s expert team provide different meditation & relaxation techniques like yognidra, ajpajap,antarmaun, dharna, nap therapy, alpha meditation, pranavdhyan etc.

Nadi-Shodhana Pranayama (Yogic breathing routines) for a month, the new recordings showed a tendency to decrease both BP and heart rate.

To Join Yoga for Hypertension Treatment / Heart Diseases, Send us your Inquiry at info@nirvikalpyogaacademy.org or Call us at 02717 408982, 92280 38982