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Yoga for Diabetes

Yoga for diabetes Treatment:

Yoga plays very crucial and important part in diabetes treatment. Yoga session balance the autonomic Nervous system, due to some special practice NYA patient gets diabetes free health. Yoga science recognizes two interrelated causes of diabetes. Firstly, long term devitalization and sluggishness of the digestive processes due to dietary abuse, overeating, obesity and lack of exercise.

The second causative factor is that diabetes is stress related. While medical science claims diabetes is incurable, many studies have proven that is response very well to yogic management.The newly diagnosed diabetic has excellent prospects of completely controlling and correcting his condition if he adopts yogic practices and lifestyle under guidance.

The Magic treatment of diabetes is directed at the underlying causes of the disease as well as to its symptoms. It is based on the internal readjustment of the whole organism through stimulation of the body’s own regenerative process.

Rejuvenation of sluggish pancreatic secreationpatterens in the diabetic occours gradually by the performance of specific asanas, pranayams, shathkarmas and bandhas, including uddiyana and nauli.

Performance of the hathyoga, shatkarma of aghooshankhprakhaslan and kunjalkriya on a daily basis greatly aid the process of pancreatic restoration by removing toxic waters from the whole gastrointestinal tract, and by cleaning and irrigating associated ducts and glads.

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