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Yoga is a science of consciousness, says Maharshi Patanjali. According to WHO, “Good health is a sense of wellbeing at physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual levels.” Medical science now accepts that there are different stages of disturbances or imbalances before the state of health changes into a manifest disease.

Depression is very common to be associated with hypercortisolemia of hypothalamus-pitutary. And science now says there’s a physiological explanation for that: Yoga can reduce levels of cortisol, the so-called stress hormone.

NYA is dedicated to restore mental health via regular practice session of Yognidra, Ajapajap, alpha meditation, sleep nap therapy, dharna (chiddakash dharna, Hridayakash dharna) and different meditation & relaxation programme which are to be practiced and guided by our Gurus. Thus the positive energy flows, rushes to the area where there is weakness, wheather it be in an organ, the mind or the emotions, and mends it. As one starts coming closer to oneself, glimpses of this feeling are experienced.

To Get relief from Depression, Join Yoga and Meditation Course, Send us your Inquiry at info@nirvikalpyogaacademy.org or Call us at 97241 38982, 92280 38982