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200 hrs Yoga Instructor Course ( National )

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200-Hrs Yoga Instructor Course (National Certification)

Nirvikalp yoga academy is the first yoga academy in Ahmedabad which is providing such kind of intensive & applied knowledge of yoga to become a yoga teacher.

Syllabus :


  1. Basic knowledge of Anatomy & physiology
  2. Yoga philosophy (Gyan yoga, Bhakti yoga, Karm yoga, Hath yoga, j yoga etc..)
  3. Basic idea of spiritual philosophy (veda, vedanta, upnishada)
  4. Diet & nutrition (how to prepare diet chart) for obesity, heart problem, housewife, high BP, pregnancy and many more



  1. Aasana, pranayama, mudra, bandha
  2. Shatkarma (Neti, kunjal, laghu-Sankh-Prakshalana)


Advance meditation:

1.Pratyahar (yognidra, Antarmauna, ajapajapa, trataka)

2.Dharna (Chidakash, Dharna,HridyakasDharna)


To Join 200-Hrs Yoga Instructor Course ( National Certification ), Send us your Inquiry at info@nirvikalpyogaacademy.org or Call us at 02717 408982, 92280 38982